Linking pleasure and wines with awareness and responsibility, Concord Wines seeks to defend diversity in its wine supply, spread the education of taste, links producer of excellent wines to consumers through events and initiative, and helps in the creating of wealth through the endless fun of wine collection and purchases. These services are made possible through the support of the sister companies within the group.

Since 1997 Concord Wines has been an independent and professional wine merchant with over 2,000 international wines to offer. Placing maximum efforts in sourcing best-valued as well as creative and correct international wines for the consumers, Concord Wines also provides other wine value-added services including wine importation service, personalized, event labels for wines, tutored wine tasting session, wine courses, wine dinners and hampers arrangement. Its integrated warehouse facilities provide climatized wine storage capabilities. With the provision of reliable next day delivery from Monday to Saturday, customer satisfaction is guaranteed with shopping at Concord Wines.

Through the support of its sister company Concord Institute of Wine, Concord Wines serves to educate for the new generation of wine drinkers and teaches the tasting of wines. Blessed that a totally new, service experience is now possible with Concord’s offer of quality wine investment consultation enabled by the expert ConcordCollector, Concord Wines is now able to help you as an investor in wine to appreciate the substantial returns and to develop your taste and understanding of some of the finest wines ever produced.